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French-American hybrid known for its versatility and quality. Growing in popularity. Penns Woods (Pennsylvania) Traminette won a double gold in the International East Wine Competition and a gold in the Finger Lakes International wine contest with its 2014 vintage. 

Traminette grapes are primarily used to produce off-dry to semi-sweet white wines. Winemakers may vary the sweetness levels to create different styles, from late-harvest dessert wines to more balanced and versatile table wines. Overall, Traminette is appreciated for its delightful aromatics and approachable flavor profile. It offers wine enthusiasts an opportunity to enjoy a wine with floral and fruity characteristics that are not typically found in other grape varieties. It has gained a following in regions where it is grown and is often sought after for its unique and fragrant qualities.

Traminette is known for its aromatic qualities, similar to its parent grape Gewürztraminer. It often exhibits intense floral aromas, including rose petals, orange blossom, and jasmine. There are also hints of spice and tropical fruit. Flavor-wise, Traminette wines are typically off-dry to semi-sweet, with a fruity and floral flavor profile. Common tasting notes include lychee, apricot, citrus, and sometimes a subtle spiciness akin to white pepper or ginger. These grapes make wines with a good level of acidity, which contributes to their balance and ability to refresh.

Due to its aromatic and slightly sweet nature, Traminette is a versatile wine for food pairing, but pairs especially well with spicy dishes, Asian cuisine, seafood, poultry, and a variety of cheeses.

While Traminette wines are typically meant to be consumed young to enjoy their fresh aromas and flavors, some well-made examples can age gracefully for a few years, gaining complexity and honeyed notes.


2000 Pounds
Excluding Sales Tax
First harvest expected in late Autumn/Winter, 2027
  • Rose-petal, burnt-orange


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