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6th Generation Land, 1st Generation Family-Owned Business

We all have to start somewhere, and where better than on lands that have sheltered our family for

300 years? 


home of
Todhunter Vineyards and Winery

'Grandma Jessie' Huston and Samuel Sweeney spent their lives in Westmoreland County and Fairfield Township in what is now called New Florence. Samuel Sweeney's great-grandfather, Barnabas Sweeney, came here from Donegal, Ireland, and married a local gal named Mary Todhunter. Mary's family wasn't new to the area; her great-grandfather, a Quaker named John Todhunter, came from England to settle in Colonial Pennsylvania in the late 17th century. Over the centuries, the Sweeney and Todhunter families intertwined with local Hamills, Krichbaums, Vickerys, Austraws, Ewings, and Menohers. You can still drive by the Hamill School on Hamill School Road, drive down Austraw Road, visit Menoher Park Memorial Cemetery, and The Historic Hamill House at 303 N. Market Street in downtown Ligonier. Today, the farm is just under 100 acres of old-growth woods, highland agricultural fields, a spring-fed pond, and a very (very) old cabin. We are lucky to call it home.  



In 2024, we'll plant 5 acres of selected hybrid and vinifera wine-quality grape vines and will gather our first harvest in 2027. Each Spring, we'll add another 10 acres. Vines take a few years to mature! But that gives us time to set up our winery and begin winemaking with grapes we purchase from surrounding vineyards while we're waiting for our estate-grown vines to produce. At full capacity, our vineyard harvest will be approximately 200 tons, some of which will be sold to regional wineries and the rest kept for our own vintage.


We'll post updates as we make our way through this exciting startup period. We're eager to get to the finish line, and

we hope we see you there! 

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