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  • Can I visit the vineyard?
    Yes, visitors are welcome by appointment.
  • When will on-premises sales begin?
    A tasting room offering Todhunter wines and light meals will be operational in 2025.
  • When can I place an order for wine grapes?
    The vineyard's first partial harvest will be in the fall of 2026, with a full harvest in 2027. Orders can be placed any time between now and September, 2027.
  • When will the first vintage be available for purchase?
    Todhunter will bottle its first vintage in 2025 with wine grapes purchased from regional vineyards. Each following year, Todhunter will bottle from estate-grown grapes. A nouveau should be available in 2026.
  • When will Todhunter be open for hosting events such as weddings and parties?
    The vineyard hopes to open for hosting events as early as 2026. Please send inquiries regarding amenities and scheduling to
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