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Itasca wine grapes

Itasca is a relatively new hybrid grape variety that was developed at the University of Minnesota for cold climate viticulture. It's a white grape variety that produces wines with a crisp acidity and a range of fruity flavors. Common tasting notes include citrus, apple, pear, and tropical fruit aromas. These grapes are used to produce white wines that can range from dry to off-dry or semi-sweet. tasca grapes represent an exciting development in the world of viticulture, particularly for regions that face challenges related to extreme cold temperatures. These grapes enable winemakers in cold climates to produce quality white wines that capture the unique flavors of their specific terroir while thriving in conditions that would be inhospitable to many other grape varieties.

Itasca wine grapes

2000 Pounds
Excluding Sales Tax
First harvest expected in early Autumn, 2027
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